About us


About us

Factory history

History of the sewing factory "Yunost" begins in pre-war times, with the production of brooms. Then the factory was called Tsyurupinskaya. Over time, the company was retrained, and for the last 40 years "Yunost" has been one of the flagships of the domestic sewing market and a trusted supplier.

And the first products released from the assembly line were blankets for the “Metalloizdeliy” plant. Soon, "Yunost" already had four independent workshops on the territory of Kherson region. The enterprise reached a new level in 1980, when all divisions had a full sewing cycle.

The quality of bed linen, outerwear, bedspreads, mattresses produced here was legendary among the people.

Years passed, technologies used at the enterprise went far ahead. Changes took place in the organization of production in response to global trends and situation in the industry. The factory continued to maintain its quality mark and expand its product range. An important stage was the launch of a line for the production of workwear, which is still in demand.

The new history of the factory began with a re-equipment at the expense of the owner's investment in 2004. Competent management launched production at new facilities, with advanced technologies and materials.

At the enterprise, production volumes are growing again, equipment is being modernized. As a result, promising contracts are concluded, international cooperation is reviving, which is facilitated by a favorable location - basically in the center of the South of Ukraine, with access to sea, air and automotive logistics.

New generation sewing manufacture

Modern life of the factory is the production of products of various modifications, which are made from environmentally friendly raw materials. High-quality materials have new properties that were difficult to imagine 20 years ago. They are reliable, practical and durable.

The immediate goals of the company are mastering new production lines, increasing capacities, expanding the model range and functionality of products. You can get acquainted with the products of the permanent line, as well as experimental models in our showroom at the factory.

An important direction of the enterprise's work today is the development of its own trading network, which is represented in Kherson region.

We managed to find a balance between tradition and innovation and to continue the history of a sewing factory that was once famous throughout the USSR with dignity. Like decades ago, today our logo on a product is a synonym of quality!




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Our clients

Each client for us is a new, interesting project, in the implementation of which we put our maximum effort.

When an order is received, our managers make a calculation, on the basis of which a personal economic model is created for working with a client.

Long-term partnership with customers based on mutual respect, understanding and trust is the best recommendation for us! We guarantee high quality products and services.

We are proud of our long-term cooperation:

VAT "Ukrnafta"

NNEGC "Energoatom"

Ukrainian railway


Motor Sich




STAHMANN GmbH (Germany)

RiZ (Germany)

POLARiS (Germany)

Our suppliers

High-quality materials, fabrics, accessories and other products are supplied to us by companies from Kiev, Kharkov, Dnipro, Zaporozhye, Cherkassy, Kherson, tested by time and the requirements of the most demanding customers:


"Texil contact"

TO Texterno "Altair"

TOV "Manufactura"


Trading house "Ukr-tex"



"Cherkasy Silk Factory"